Providing you with the data you need

Reporting for the data you need 

  • Live filtering on reports – providing you with accurate data in your applicant tracking system.
  • Reporting on time to hire, and time to move any funnel stage – so you can see how long it takes to process candidates.
  • Vacancies posted, live positions, amount of candidates – all reports provided per account. Compare and incentivise your HR team. 
  • Number of hires and rejected candidates at any time. How successful is your recruitment?
  • Reporting on numbers of candidates processed into every funnel stage within time periods, so you can see how busy your team are..

Referrer tracking and Exporting

  • Track where all your candidates have come from, and more importantly, track the referrers for your hires.
  • Easily calculate the ROI of your advertising spend.
  • See the quality of applications generated from your each by comparing applications to hires.
  • Run any report using the filters and then export the data so you can build it into your business reporting needs.