If you’re a hospitality business, chances are you’re familiar with Applicant Tracking Systems, especially if you’re a restaurant, hotel or cafe. A powerful system dedicated to saving you time in your recruitment process, from sourcing candidates, right up to getting them ready for day one in your hospitality team.

Whether you’re after a restaurant applicant tracking system, or for your hotel, cafe and everything in between, finding the best Applicant Tracking System to support your recruitment team can be a huge turning point in improving your productivity.

What are some Applicant Tracking System benefits and how can they improve your hospitality recruitment process?

There are a range of Applicant Tracking Systems benefits, but how can we pinpoint some of the main benefits for hospitality businesses?

Save time

In hospitality, time moves fast. Talent Funnel’s Applicant Tracking System lets you focus on being a decision maker, not administrator, by using triggers and automation to alleviate your workload.

With a quick and simple drag and drop, move candidates to the next stage of the recruitment progress, and we can do the rest.

Smart automations can allow the system to progress, update and request information with little-to-no input from you or your recruitment managers. Allowing you to put your recruitment on autopilot.

Examples of time-saving automatons:

Automatically request candidate information when you update their stage.

Chase non-responding candidates with outstanding tasks, without even needing to type an email.

Use flexible reference collection forms to automatically email referees once candidates have filled them in.

Candidate passed a Right-to-Work check? Automatically progress them to the next stage… create a unique workflow and we can even automate the next steps.

Pass onboarding information into your Payroll or HRIS. Forget about having to copy and paste again.

Want to know how to reject a candidate quickly? Just drag a candidate to the rejection tab and automatically notify them of the update. Using email templates, you don’t even have to type out an email.

Build your unique workflow with our Client Support Team, and ensure you have a system that maximises your team’s productivity.

After all, time is money.

Integrations with a range of top recruitment software

We know change may not be easy. That’s why Talent Funnel integrates with a range of specialist recruitment software to help us slot into your recruitment process.

From Payroll, HRIS, Right-to-Work, Workforce Management and more, our integrations let you seamlessly transfer data and further streamline your recruitment to save you time.

We believe using best in class software is the way to go. So whether you’re sticking with your current providers or looking for pastures new, empower your recruitment team and link top software to open doors you never knew existed.

Explore Talent Funnel integrations.

Reach more candidates, in less time

Looking to reach more candidates, or struggling to reach high quality candidates?

With a range of job board integrations, including Vacancy Poster integration, post to over 1,000 job boards in just a matter of seconds. No need to copy and paste job titles, descriptions and links. All under one roof, post and distribute jobs to spend less time on admin work and more time focusing on hiring.

Perfectly set up to manage numerous job roles, locations and more

Chances are your workforce is spread over several locations, and each location has different roles to hire for. From cashiers, to chefs and supervisors, each job carries unique specifications.

With intuitive templates, use dynamic fields to populate information to save you from duplicating data and timely data entry. 

From email communication, contracts, onboarding information and everything else you need to hire for specific roles, we’ve created smart systems to keep your processes flowing.

Give your interviews an upgrade

Hospitality managers are superstars. 

Chances are, they juggle customers, staff, finances, logistics and so much more on a daily basis. 

Give them one less thing to worry about, and give them an Applicant Tracking System which uses smart interview tools to change the way they interview and save them precious time.

  • Easily schedule interviews with candidates with no need of back and forth emails.
  • Save time and be prepared for interviews with interviews notes, using customisable template with text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes and more to spend less time typing and more time with candidates.
  • Easily store and access interviews in candidate’s accounts, keeping all the information you need under one roof.
  • Instant interviews let you keep an audit trail of any unexpected interviews, phone screens and more.

Dedicated accounts

From just 1 account, to 100’s, we can do it all. Whether each of your locations needs an account, you need to allocate super-users to oversee your team, or manage permissions for different hiring managers, we have all your requirements covered. 

Applicant Tracking System accounts can give each of your restaurants, hotels or cafe’s the power to control their recruitment, giving them all the tools they need to source, process and welcome new hires into their team.

And with an onboarding and training programme in place, we can get your site managers up and running on our intuitive system.

Our Client Support Team is always to help you get the most out of your Applicant Tracking System. So whether you’re a new customer, or been with us for a while, we’re by your side each step of the way.

All the reporting data you need, and more

With built in reporting, Talent Funnel’s Applicant Tracking System lets you monitor the performance of your hospitality recruitment to keep on top of your productivity and ROI. 

And with referrer tracking ready to go out the box, you’ll always be guided by data and see where your sources of applications and hires are really coming from. No more guesswork.

Reduce paperwork

Looking to go paperless? Our Applicant Tracking System embraces a paperless world and lets you store everything in one, GDPR compliant location.

Whether you want to improve your carbon footprint, or have quick, searchable access to candidate records, an Applicant Tracking System lets you easily progress to a paperless workplace.

Is an Applicant Tracking System right for your hospitality business?

We work with a range of exciting brands in the hospitality industry to help revolutionise their recruitment. So you can be confident you’re in good hands.

No matter how your business works, here at Talent Funnel we’re here to help you maximise your potential.

Learn more about Applicant Tracking Systems.

Looking for a great new career site?

Did you know we also do career sites?

Upgrading your career site alongside your ATS is a simple way to keep things moving in the right direction. With your brand at the forefront of everything you do, a Talent Funnel career site allows you to express your identity. After all, your recruitment is an extension of your branding.

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