A TrustID integration to keep you compliant

Checks per month
Manual work for you
Mins average per check​


1. Request a Right to work check manually – or let our workflows deal with it for you

2. You can tailor the email sent to the candidate or just send. The candidate receives an email coming from you, and with your branding.

3. Links are active for 28 days, and you can always send another link if needed

4. You can even copy the link and send by SMS 

5. Two automated reminders sent if the candidate doesn’t complete their Right to work check. Nothing for you to do!



1. Easily see which candidates have had their Right to Work check requested (and received!)

2. See when candidates have received their emails, and their reminders in their timeline

3. Simple filters on results tables so you can see the candidates you need

4. A simple green tick or red cross to show if candidates have the right to work in the UK.

1. Right to Work checks received within 1 hour of being submitted by candidates

2. Easily see status updates – and when checks have been completed

3. See an overview of the check

4. Full PDF download of the checks completed, including all the original documentation supplied by the candidate (proof of right to work)

5. Send RTW check details (including PDF report) to your payroll provider (if allowed by your payroll system)

6. Ability to re-request a Right to work check if required.

What clients say about Right to Work Checks