Discover a better way to conduct Right to Work checks

Driven by TrustID, Talent Funnel’s ATS saves time on Right to Work checks, whilst giving you and your recruitment team the confidence of trusted identify checks.

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Is your current process up to date?

Ensure your recruitment is up-to-date with current and future legislation with TrustID check and be confident your recruitment team is compliant with UK Government guidelines at all times.

Checks per month
Manual work for you
Mins average per check​

Why set up Right-to-Work automations?

Request a Right-to-Work check manually, or save time and let our workflows deal with it automatically.

Create and tailor your own email templates in the ATS, letting you retain your employer branding.

Easily send Right-to-Work check links via SMS, helping you reach candidates through more engaged methods. 

Create an automated sequence and send auto-reminders to candidates taking too long reply, meaning less time lost chasing candidates.

Links are active for 28 days, so no need to panic about expired links.

Still using a slow Right-to-Work process?

A powerful Right-to-Work process centred around compliance, with simplicity to save your recruitment teams time.

Why choose TrustID?

With our TrustID integration, Right-to-Work checks have never been easier. 

  • Right to Work checks received within 1 hour of submission
  • Easily see status updates
  • See a full overview of the check
  • Full PDF download of the checks, including original documentation of candidate proof of RTW
  • Transfer RTW details and PDF* to your payroll provider
  • Ability to re-request a RTW check if required

*enabled payroll integration required

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