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“The reporting is allowing me to have some real quality conversations (and negotiations!) with recruitment boards about ROI”
Amanda Henderson
Founder at Thread

No more spreadsheets and formulas

With Talent Funnel’s ATS, get quicker insights with no need for spreadsheets and complicated formulas. See key data in seconds, with simple and customisable date ranges and compare KPIs against targets.

And for those who want it, export data in just a click. We’ve got it covered.

Struggling to monitor your multi-channel attraction?

Stay on top of the important aspects of your recruitment and drive performance where its needed with powerful insights in the ATS…

Providing you with accurate data, right at your fingertips.

See how long it takes your team to process candidates with reporting on key insights such as time to hire and time to move candidates.

See how each team is performing with data on vacancies posted, live position, amount of candidates and more – all provided per account.

Visibility over the number of hires and rejected candidates at any one time, so you can discover how successful your recruitment is.

Reporting on number of candidates processed into every funnel stage within set time periods.

Stop playing guessing games with your source of candidates

Track where all your candidates come from, from the source of applicants to your top source of hires, easily calculate the ROI of your advertising spend.

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