Save time, and have more candidates attend your events

candidates booked in per month
mins to act on an SMS invitation
% attendance for specific events

 Full control over events and invites

  • Create any type of event you need, with personalised invitations and confirmation emails
  • Add event details, either per event type or per slot
  • Let candidates book in and see all available relevant slots, or invite to specific slots directly
  • Create “Instant Events” – for phone calls or drop-ins. 
  • Full auditing of events and who has spoken to each candidate
  • See who has been invited, who has booked in, and move candidates to different statuses (attended, declined, no show)
  • You control how many people you want to attend each event / slot.
  • Create recurring events to save you time.

Optimised for booking AND attending

  • Invite a candidate to an event, and they receive an email AND an SMS with a link and mobile friendly booking process
  • SMS’es ensure more people see the invite, and they book in faster
  • If a candidate does not book in the system can send an automated reminder to prompt them to act on the invite
  • If there are no slots available we’ll let you know that you need to create more.
  • When a candidate books in they can add the event to their own calendar (outlook / ical integrations)
  • Candidates are automatically reminded 24 hours before their event by both email AND SMS.