Save time, and have more candidates attend your events

Full control over events and invites

Create any event type you need
Personalised invitations and confirmation emails
Let candidates book in and see available slots
Or invite candidates to specific slots directly
Create 'Instant Events' for phone calls or drop ins
Full auditing of events and who has spoken to each candidate
See and update invited, booked and no show candidates at a glance
Save time and create recurring events

Optimised for booking & attending

  • Automated email and SMS when you invite candidates to an event
  • Candidate not booked yet? Save time chasing with automated reminders to prompt bookings
  • If there are no slots available, we’ll let you know that you need more
  • Keep candidates active as they can add events to their own calendars
  • Prevent no-shows with automatic email & SMS reminders 24 hours before events

Why use SMS?


Using SMS ensures that more candidates see invites, preventing any important invites getting snowed under in email inboxes, resulting in quicker bookings. 

Helping you move your recruitment faster.