Conduct interviews like you've never done before

Prepare and review interviews in seconds with flexible templates

What if you could significantly reduce the admin work required for your interviews? 

With interview notes, you can prepare, record, and review interviews in next to no time, meaning you’ll be able to effortlessly jump in and out of interviews with saved templates that can drastically reduce your admin time. 

Streamline your shortlisting process by easily tracking and comparing candidates’ performance across interviews, allowing you to save time and improve your decision making to hire top candidates.

Candidates not turning up to interviews is frustrating and a drain on your time. With automated SMS reminders, keep candidates more active and increase interview attendance.

Whether you want quick interviews with a high volume of candidates, or in-depth with highly skilled talent, interview template make it easier than ever before to hold consistent interviews and empower you to speed up your decision making to identify the best candidates.

You may be losing top candidates with poor communication, yet keeping them engaged and active couldn’t be easier. 

Whether it’s letting them know what to prepare for an interview, rejection emails, or progress updates, make sure you keep quality candidates in the running by setting up templates to automate your communication.

Such a simple action can have a monumental impact on your candidate retention, saving you time and money.

Make interviews easy-peasy

  • Save interview templates for different job roles and easily edit in the future.
  • Personalise each template format with a choice of text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and more, letting you record candidate responses in just a click.
  • See at a glance how candidates compare against each other.

Save time with fully flexible templates

You can gain more time to connect with candidates and be a decision maker, no administrator, thanks to fully customisable templates which allow you to record interview responses in clicks. The added flexibility helps you save time before and during interviews by helping to minimise unnecessary typing, giving you more time to focus on the interview. 

All the crucial information, in one easily accessible place.

Once you’re done with an interview, just hit save, and then quickly access interview notes alongside all the candidate’s information.

Meaning you can streamline your shortlisting process, as you have all the data you need to make that final call.

Explore the full range of benefits

Every role, let alone every business is different, so why limit the way you do things?

From face-to-face interviews, phone screens, trials shifts, and more, don’t let anything slow you down with templates and automation that lets you focus on getting quality candidates onboard.


You can rest easily knowing we’ve taken care of any GDPR compliance worries, as with interview note there’s no need to store records offline or outside of the ATS, as we take care of securing all candidate data.

When used alongside our Instant Interview feature, you’re prepared for any last minute or unplanned phone screen or interviews, leaving you with a clean, audited trail and not in a frenzy… keeping you head of the game.

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