Save precious time with automated emails

Discover new ways to optimise your recruitment

Save huge amounts of time with automated emails and discover new ways to optimise your recruitment so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time doing administrative tasks.

Your marketing and sales utilises automated emails to create touch points, so why not level up your recruitment and treat candidates like customers? 

Automated emails can help to keep candidates more active throughout your processing, reducing costly candidate drop-offs, ensuring quality candidates make it to the end and into your business.

Not only do automated emails save you time repeatedly typing out emails, but strip out any time needed to search for candidate information to add to the email, with dynamic fields added to your emails template to automatically populate candidate details.

Set up time-based triggers, then sit back and let us do the rest

We can give you more time to focus on hiring and no get bogged down with mundane tasks by setting up highly-efficient automated triggers. Whether you want to automatically follow up with candidates who haven’t completed requests within a set number of days, or a conformation email, automated emails can be sent out without you even needed to be at your desk!

With automated emails, you can create unique triggers to fit your recruitment processes. A simple drag and drop to update a candidate’s hiring stage can trigger an automated email for…

Saving you huge amounts of time across not only individual candidates, but your entire yearly recruitment drive.

Empower your team to personalise responses at scale, without the costly time needed to do it the way you currently do.

Even more powerful with group actions

Group together candidates, from as few as 2 candidates all the way into the hundreds, and send a large volume of emails in just a matter of clicks with group actions. Simply highlight the candidates you want to getting touch with, select the action/email template, and done. You can even choose to delay sending the emails for a later time/date.