Optimise your onboarding process, from start to finish

Put your onboarding into autopilot

With intelligent triggers, workflows and integrations, automate your onboarding from the job offer, to uploading information to your HRIS – and everything in between.

Without even needing to write an email, effortlessly action and collect onboarding information such as…

Effortlessly action and collect onboarding information

Using third party integrations with TrustID, automatically request Right-to-Work documents from candidates, letting you authenticate documents and progress candidates to the next stage with minimal effort.

Create a seamless workflow to collect references and let the ATS do all the work. With automations and triggers, you can relax knowing any time lost to typing emails is taken care of.

Templates save you time by automatically populating data fields, making contact signing a breeze. From candidate information, to each job’s unique requirements, all the intricate details are taken care of.

And with templates ready to go for each job role, you can forget about faffing around searching for contracts.

Request the information you need from candidates with flexible forms loaded into email templates to cut through your productivity.

Need to then process candidate data? With powerful integrations, you can transfer data to your Payroll softwares, shift management,  HRIS and more.

Candidate taking too long to respond? Save time chasing information requests. Send automatic updates to candidates after set time periods using using dynamic templates.

Without even needing to write an email, you can gain back hours of lost time from your recruitment.

Now, just imagine the time saved across your entire team.

Remove inefficient data entry from your day job

Fed up with sluggish data entry? You were hired to hire, yet data entry slows down your productivity day after day.

With Talent Funnel’s ATS, integrations with your favourite HR software can transfer essential candidate data, automatically, or in clicks.

Looking to improve efficiency in your head office recruitment team? Or across numerous sites nationwide? Give your decision makers one less thing to worry about. 

Smart onboarding workflows

Our Client Support Team can work closely with you to optimise your onboarding and discover custom workflows in our ATS, letting you automate tasks and unleash more time to focus on what you were hired to do.

Want to automatically request references once Right-to-Work documents are verified?

Or send auto-reminders for any outstanding requested candidate information?

Take the stress out of chasing information, admin work, repetitive tasks, data entry, and more by joining the recruitment teams saving time with Talent Funnel.