Smooooooth reference collection

Upgrade your reference collection

Reference collection feel like it’s slowing you down? Feel like it’s clunky, yet essential to your recruitment? 

In as little as one click, have references in your ATS within days, and give your team more time to focus on what they were hired to do. Making decisions.

Remove the frustrating administrative tasks from your recruitment with reference collection that feel like it belongs in the 21st century. Once you take the jump, you won’t look back. 

How easy is the process?

Moved a candidate to the next stage? With a quick & simple drag and drop, automatically trigger the sequence to request reference details from candidate to keep your productivity flowing and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Even without automatic triggers, you can request references with just a few clicks and seamlessly collect information to add to candidate records. 

With templates in the ATS, you can be sure you’re only collecting the data you need for your references, giving you a clearer path to making that all informant job offer.

Whether you want to automate the entire process, or just one step, your workflow can be unique to fit your recruitment team.

With unique workflows, you could make your reference collection a simple, yet powerful process.

Move candidate to next stage

Progress candidates to the next stage of the recruitment process with a quick drag and drop.

Trigger a reference request to candidate

Without even needing to type an email, request references from a candidate using email templates, letting you maintain your branding.

Automatically email referees

Candidate filled in their form? Trigger an automated email directly to referees, requesting reference information. All done in the background of your workday.

Send auto-reminders

Don’t want to waste time chasing referees? Fed up with waiting too long to receive references? Set up time-based auto reminders to take the stress out of chasing information.


Without even needing to do any work, once you receive your references, the ATS will progress candidates to the next step and add references to the candidate’s profile.

Fully automated sequence

Want to go one step further? 

Save time and minimise your input by setting up your automated workflow to be smarter. Once references are collected, create automatically move onto the next step – such as onboarding – and unleash the full power of automation with Talent Funnel’s ATS. 

Stop chasing references

Referees taking a while to respond? You don’t like roadblocks in your productivity and neither do we.

Set up automated reminders to notify referees you’re still waiting for references and save time chasing them. Whether you want automatic reminder to be sent after two days, five days, or more, once you create your workflow, the ATS does the hard work. Simple.

See candidate progress at a glance

With an initiative traffic light system, see at a glance candidate progress and save time digging around in candidate records. 

Whether you want to see…

Save time and quickly address outstanding tasks, who you’re waiting on, or who needs to be progressed.