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Smart Payroll - Payroll

Effortlessly onboard and welcome new hires into your business.

Data transfer in seconds to create a seamless workflow

A payroll integration you can trust

Talent Funnel’s payroll integration with Smart Payroll lets your recruitment team save time onboarding new hires, thanks to quick and easy data transfer.  

Why chase or enter duplicated data you already have in the ATS? Or spend your time entering data, which candidates have already spent their time entering? Why not remove the clunky middleman from your workflow? 

Our ATS works hand-in-hand with Smart Payroll, creating a harmonious bridge between talent attraction, acquisition and onboarding – not only creating a clear journey for your candidates, but also your recruitment team. 

No more time lost in searching for and entering sensitive candidate data. Less data entry errors. More time saving. The benefits are clear.

Smart Payroll Integration features

Use automation features in the ATS to automatically request onboarding information when you progress candidates to the next stage, giving you more time to focus on your workday.

Whether you need little onboarding information from candidates, or lots, use flexi-forms and email templates to effortlessly request information to keep your candidate pipeline flowing.

Candidate’s already input their information into onboarding forms. So why are you simply repeating their work just to add them to your payroll?

Whether it be full names, mobile numbers, address, right-to-work status, bank details and more – cut your work out of the process and save heaps of time by uploading data to your payroll in a matter of clicks.

Remain GDPR and data protection compliant with secure data transfer between Talent Funnel’s ATS and Smart Payroll. Giving you one less thing to worry about.