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Employment 4 Students - Job Board

Expand your reach and discover more quality candidates

Save time and effortlessly reach millions of candidates

UK's leading student job board

Employment 4 Students – or just E4S – is a student focused job board, attracting over 2 million eager and engaged students every year.

With Talent Funnel’s E4S integration, expand your reach in seconds with one-click uploading and discover top ways to reach quality candidates. 

With a strong appetite for a range of jobs, E4S is a great way to access a talented pool of engaged student job seekers to fill your job listings, and thanks to our simple integration, you can save your recruitment team time in the process.

Utilise this integration, and uncover a hidden gem in the world of student recruitment.


Employment 4 Students Integration features

Utilise one-click posting to post to E4S and expand your reach in seconds to help get more quality candidates into your business.

Never have to leave the ATS to post a job to E4S, creating and time-efficient process, saving you time and hassle of having to navigate other websites.

No hassle referrer tracking. With no extra work, monitor and track E4S’ performance from the reporting tab in the ATS and get insights into applications and hires.

Whether you’re looking to ramp up your recruitment, or temporarily tone it down, add and remove live jobs posted to E4S without having to leave Talent Funnel’s ATS. 

How can a Talent Funnel and Employment 4 Students integration improve your recruitment?

Employment 4 Students – Your future. Sorted.

With over 2 million annual visitors, a database of 300,000 students and 20+ years of experience, E4S offers a top range of expertise and resoruces to fill your job listings.

Whether it be Part Time, Gap Year and School Leaver jobs, to Internships, Placements and Graduate roles at your head office team, E4S attracts candidates for a wide range of jobs.

From local £69 adverts, to national campaign ranging to £35,000 and everything in between, we are flexible to help you meet your objectives.

E4S attracts a strong and diverse candidate pool each year, including 63% female, 44% BAME and 20% intersted in STEM, helping you to increase diversity in your workplace.

Utilise E4S resources to expand your reach, including Email Campaigns, Partner Networks, School, College & University Partnerships, Social Media, Career Fairs, Across Site Advertising and much more.

From Deliveroo, IBM, Welcome Break, Tesco, KPMG, Virgin Media and the NHS, you can be confident you’re joining a list of top brands choosing E4S.

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Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?