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Fourth - Payroll & HRIS

Streamline your onboarding process.

Get new hire information into your payroll system with just a few clicks

Save time with your candidate onboarding

Talent Funnel’s powerful integration with Fourth lets you slash your onboarding time in half (and then some), giving your recruitment team back crucial time which would otherwise be lost with data entry.

Chasing information slowing you down? Utilise Talent Funnel’s automation and integration with Fourth to open new doors in improving your efficiency.

Forget typing emails. Stop chasing non-responding candidates. Create a powerful automated workflow, and we can do all the leg work and revolutionise the way you recruit.

Why settle for all in one software, when the seamless integration makes using two best systems feel like they were designed under the same roof.

Fourth Integration features

With smart automation and triggers in Talent Funnel’s ATS, you can link a range of email templates and commands to effortlessly collect and send information to Fourth, all in the background of your work day.

Whether it’s payroll information, National Insurance, Right to Work status and everything in between, get all the information you need to welcome your new hires.

Secure data storage and transfers keeps your recruitment powering on with no need to worry about data privacy, protection and GDPR. We’ve got you covered.

Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?

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Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?