Picture of Google for Jobs - Job Board

Google for Jobs - Job Board

Be visible to candidates in the first step of their search journey.

Capture candidates' attention in organic searches

Google. Do we need to say much more?

Talent Funnel’s ATS integrates with Google for Jobs, letting your jobs be visible to thousands of candidates on the world’s most popular search engine.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve built your career site, or not, our ATS can automatically match up new job listings with Google for Jobs’ algorithm, to help drive organic traffic to your job listings on your site.

 Whether you want to be seen on Google’s first page for…

  • Location based searches, such as jobs in Oxford
  • Role based searches, like part time retail jobs near me 
  • Or branded search terms, similar to Talent Funnel jobs

Be sure that your career site is in pole position and generating organic referrals. After all, organic = less money spent! 

Google for Jobs Integration features

Give your vacancies and brand higher priority and visibility in local searches. Whether it’s a simple “jobs near me” search, or “jobs in London”, be sure you’re seen on page 1.

Don’t lose out of candidates who would love to see your job opportunities.

We’re all chasing improved ROI, and organic referrals is one way to significantly increase the overall ROI of your talent attraction and improve your cost per application – and ultimately cost per hire.

Google for Jobs can refer engaged candidates to your career site, allowing you to get more eyes on your entire range of roles – not just the single job they see on a job board. Helping to attract more suitable candidates for the roles you’re hiring for. 

With automatic uploading to Google for Jobs, you don’t even have to break a sweat navigating job boards, or even having to do any extra work in the ATS. Not even a single extra click.

Referrer tracking built into the ATS in the reporting tab lets you quickly and easily compare your organic vs paid channels. Giving you a full view into how your talent attraction is really going.

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Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?