How to implement an Applicant Tracking System

When it comes to implementing an Applicant Tracking System into your business and your hiring process, there is no one-size fits all approach.

After all, every business is different.

Likewise, if this is your first ATS or you’re moving systems this will alter the implementation process.

But if you’re after an Applicant Tracking System to save you time in your recruitment, here is what your route to implementation may look like.

Understand what it is you are looking for in an ATS

A great first step is to acknowledge what it is you’re looking for in an ATS.

This will allow you to narrow down what your main objectives of the implementation project are. 

Are you striving to address some pain points with your current provider? Improve your hiring process? Or provide a better candidate experience?

Some ATS pain points we often hear 

  • A system that is not user friendly with complex processes
  • Slow processing of candidates
  • Your ATS is limited to a one size fits all approach to processes
  • Your Careers Site is limited and holding you back
  • Frustrating reporting and analytics
  • Time consuming processes
  • Poor customer support

By understanding this, you can be clear in what your current ATS is not giving you and compare that against what new providers may be able to offer.

It is also important to do this so you can measure the success of the implementation further down the line. Clearly defined goals can then be judged and accessed, on whether they were hit or not. Likewise, the aim here is to ensure everyone in the business is aligned. Across HR, Finance, Legal etc. so all departments are pulling in the same direction.

Consider what your users are saying?

An incredibly useful step to take could be to speak to your Hiring Managers to get their perspective. After all, they likely use the system day-in, day out.

They’ll be able to give you insightful information, and guidance, into how they use the system and what a new system could do to unlock more productivity. They may share new information – which you may have never considered from your perspective.

Similarly, here at Talent Funnel there may even be some new requests/features we could implement off the back of your team’s feedback.

What will your workflow/process look like?

So, you likely now know what it is you’re looking for in an ATS. 

This can let you know what is achievable with different ATS providers, which steps/processes can be automated, or even which frustrating steps you can say bye-bye to – all in the name of saving you time, 

Currently battling with an ATS that feels like it is working against you?

You can either…

  1. Map out your current hiring workflow to understand how a new ATS can facilitate this.
  2. Or map out the new hiring workflow you’re pushing for, which your current provider may have been holding you back from achieving.

 This can be an exciting part of the process. 

It can allow you to see new time saving, ROI increasing or optimisation opportunities a new ATS could unlock.

Talent Funnel lets every business hire how they want to – not how our ATS makes you. Even down to different locations/accounts; we offer complete flexibility.  

So, you can map out the hiring workflow of your dreams, and begin to gather feedback on who can enable this.

Careers Site

This is also a great time to begin looking at your Careers Site too.

At Talent Funnel, we can work alongside you and your team to begin building out your Careers Site – giving you ultimate flexibility to show off your brand’s unique nature.

After all, creating beautiful Careers Sites is what we do.

We can look at how a Careers Site would not only look, but how it ticks all the boxes in creating a seamless and top candidate experience.


This could be a good time to take stock, and off the back of looking at your hiring workflow, see where integrations play a part in the hiring puzzle.

Integrations often play a vital role in the pre- and post-hire stages – so whether you’re looking to implement your first ever ATS or move systems, it’s good to know what your options are.

Some considerations to make:

  • Do you need to carry over existing integrations – if so, can the new ATS facilitate this?
  • Is there an opportunity to integrate new platforms into your hiring process?
  • Or are you starting from scratch and need to explore how integrations play a part in this? 

 Luckily at Talent Funnel, all the above is achievable.

ATS setup and data migration

As the ‘go live’ date approaches, it’s time to get the ATS setup and ready for use.

This is a crucial part of the process, with the goal of a ‘seamless implementation’ often pivoting around this.

We take pride in doing lots of the leg work for you; our Support Team will work alongside you and your team to get everything ready for a seamless transition. This means when the day comes, you can jump from your old ATS to Talent Funnel with minimal disruption.

More simply put, all you need to do is log on for the first time then you, and your Hiring Managers, are ready to go.

What can be set up prior to moving systems? 

  • Individual accounts
  • Account permissions
  • Custom forms (flexi-forms)
  • Emails and templates
  • Customised workflows
  • Vacancy template

The second part of the setup process data migration. Especially if you’re moving systems, you’ll likely need to move data from the old to the new system. Candidate records are often a popular dataset to be migrated, alongside jobs and your current user account, and this can easily (and painfully) be done to get all the crucial data you need onto your new ATS.

Support and training for the team

The big day is either around the corner, or it’s here.

Next step is to get your Hiring Managers comfortable on the system.

Your new ATS provider at this point, should provide structured training for you and your team to get up to speed with the system.

They’ll show you not only the basics of how to use the system, but also to discover how to get the most out of the system. It’s also a great chance for your team to ask questions along the way to identify any adjustments needed in the system.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request adjustments to the training at this stage – here at Talent Funnel we can be super flexible with how we deliver our training to best suit your team.

Post-implementation support

It’s extremely useful to understand what the post-implementation support will look like once your ATS has been rolled out. Understanding this before you decide on an ATS provider can save lots of frustration down the line. 

This can ensure that you’re with an ATS provider who feels like they’re working with your business and hiring processes – not against you. 

After all, you want your hiring to keep flowing at all times and slow support is the last thing you want to slow you down.

Not only are we always at the other end of the phone for our users, but we also like to ensure we frequently touch base with our customers to make sure they are always using the system efficiently to streamline their hiring.

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