Injecting your employer brand at every touch point

Attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just a great job ad

Your employer brand needs to shine through every step of the candidate journey. We’ve all experienced career sites that engage us until we apply for a job, and then everything feels generic. This sudden change signals that the ATS isn’t tailored for the complete candidate experience.

Ensuring a positive experience throughout the hiring journey boosts the quality of applications, decreases staff turnover, and reduces overall hiring costs.

Research from Glassdoor shows that having a strong employer brand doesn’t just attract more candidates, but better ones too – companies get 50% more qualified applicants. Plus, according to LinkedIn, having a strong hiring process reduces staff turnover by 28% and saves up to 50% on hiring costs.

Having a strong employer brand attracts...

more qualified candidates
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A strong hiring process saves up to 50% on hiring costs and reduces...

of staff turnover
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What sets us apart from the competition is our emphasis on putting your brand first throughout the hiring process.

How we do this

Custom-built, fully editable Careers Site

Showcase your brand personality, employee value proposition (EVP), and human stories on your career site to highlight what sets your business apart and provide insight into your workplace culture, enhancing long-term SEO value.

Brand every touchpoint

Customise and brand forms, email and SMS to ensure consistent messaging across channels.

Tailor and personalise journeys

Inject your brand personality and tone-of-voice into customised sequences, keeping candidates informed and updated on crucial action items.

Mobile-first experience

With over 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, we lead with a mobile-friendly experience to ensure your brand delivers excellence on all platforms.

Humanise the experience

Our in-built interview scheduler provides candidates flexibility and choice in scheduling interviews to accommodate their needs and preferences. Perfect for centralised recruitment or on-site recruitment teams.

Smooth onboarding and new starter happiness

Integrate your onboarding process with other tools and systems to provide a smooth transition for both you and your new hire.

How our brand-centric approach enhances the hiring process of leading hospitality brands:

We save you time, so you can focus on the things that matter

“Our priority is to spend more time speaking with candidates to deliver an excellent service. Customising workflows and implementing key automations increases the quality and efficiency of our hiring process.”

Jacqui Harris, Head of Talent at Mission Mars

We put your brand first, at every stage

“Dishoom’s award winning employer brand is consistent and clear to the candidate at every touch point. Overall, we’re now creating a great candidate experience which is crucial for job satisfaction and the Dishoom brand.”

Jess Campbell, Head of Talent at Dishoom

We ensure your brand is optimised for how candidates interact with your brand

“The mobile experience ensures our brand experience is consistent.”

Steph Gray, Head of People at Lantana

We ensure your brand is presented perfectly each time

“We have very strict guidelines on how the Wimbledon AELTC brand can be used. I love that we can fully customise the platform within our brand guidelines”

Melissa Bannister, People Operations Manager at Wimbledon AELTC

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