Meet Our Partners: Ubeya, The Temp Workforce Management Platform

Meet Ubeya

We had a conversation with Ophir Morry Resnekov, Head of Marketing at Ubeya, to gain a deeper understanding of Ubeya and the world of temp work management.

Can you tell me about Ubeya and how it's making an impact in the temporary work industry?

Certainly! Ubeya has developed a SaaS B2B platform for the management of temporary and shift-based workers. Our platform is revolutionizing the temporary work industry with our cutting-edge operating system, which fosters seamless collaboration among all parties in this space.

In our ecosystem, we have several key players: staffing agencies that supply temporary staff, clients who order temp workers for their shift-based businesses, and, of course, the temporary workers themselves. Each of these parties has a dedicated Ubeya solution, which collectively forms an end-to-end operating system for temporary work. Unifying and simplifying temp management.

However, we understand that a robust operating system should also seamlessly integrate with other solutions to provide our customers with maximum flexibility. This is where our partnership with Talent Funnel comes into play, as it serves as the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solution that many of our customers rely on. Our seamless integration with Talent Funnel ensures a smooth transition between recruiting and managing a temporary workforce.

What challenges is the temporary workspace currently facing?

The temporary workspace faces several challenges, including high turnover, persistent labor shortages, fragmented communication, and complex ecosystems. These challenges often result in a lack of transparency and low operational efficiency. Additionally, the temp workspace grapples with retaining low-loyalty workers, resulting in heightened recruitment and marketing costs.

Beyond that, companies are progressively divesting from internal recruitment for shift workers and leaning towards outsourcing. However, outsourcing introduces challenges such as bureaucratic hurdles and poor communication. This is where Ubeya steps in, offering a comprehensive operating system that optimizes processes for all involved parties.

How does Ubeya address these challenges?

We provide a B2B platform for businesses and staffing agencies to manage the entire temporary workflow. Our platform minimizes no-show occurrences, alleviates operational burdens, synchronizes communication among all parties involved, maximizes controllable transparency, and ultimately leads to a remarkable boost in productivity.

The Ubeya app provides everything a temp worker might need. It’s one of the main reasons our retention rate is higher than the industry average.

What’s next for Ubeya? What should we expect from Ubeya in the near future?

Our goal is to keep spreading our temp-tech revolution and transform the way temp work is ordered, performed, and managed. We are actively developing integrated financial solutions for the 135,000 workers who use our platform daily, starting with early wage requests and extending to other services to enhance worker well-being. Furthermore, we are expanding our presence in stadiums across Europe, as an increasing number of sports venues are adopting Ubeya. This expansion is leading to improved management with reduced effort. When we say you can manage with ease, we truly mean it.

We work hard bringing you top notch tech so you could manage with ease (and you might even enjoy it).

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