Paperless Applicant Tracking System

Hiring should be simple. With a paperless applicant tracking system, it is. Forget searching high and low for candidate information. Forget the pen and paper. No more misplacing records. And definitely say goodbye to bulky filing cabinets. Talent Funnel’s applicant tracking system has been designed to elevate your recruitment team, not hold it back.

With an applicant tracking system, you can say hello to paperless hiring and give your recruitment team the smart workflow they deserve.

Whether you’re new to applicant tracking systems, or looking to move to a paperless one, what does it all mean and what are the benefits?

What is a paperless applicant tracking system?

As the name suggests, a paperless applicant tracking system lets you move your hiring completely online, removing the need to have any of your hiring process offline and creating a faster, more streamlined recruitment process – benefiting not only your employees, but your candidates and your brand. After all, candidates are often customers, so it’s crucial to provide them a positive experience – regardless of whether you hire them or not.

Whether it’s CVs, interview notes, or grabbing the job description for quick reference, everything is at your fingertips with a paperless ATS. But what does a paperless ATS mean for your hiring process?

Improve your carbon footprint

The planet. It’s something we all share, and something which we are all becoming more conscious towards. But what does an ATS have to do with the planet?

According to a recent study, the average UK office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, with 75% ending up in the waste paper bin – making people question whether it was worth printing at all. Spread across the UK population, that’s millions of trees. Wasted.

By utilising Talent Funnel’s paperless ATS, you can encourage your hiring team to reduce their printing, thus paper waste, and help save more trees.

Under a candidates profile, save the need to print and access important information such as:

  • CVs
  • Cover Letters
  • Job description
  • References
  • Right to Work status & Documents
  • Onboarding information

Right there, that’s six documents saved from the waste paper bin – so you can see how quickly everything adds up.

Whether your business is working towards net zero, or simply want to improve your carbon footprint, a paperless ATS is a great option to take.

And whilst we’re considering ways we can be kinder to the planet here at Talent Funnel, what other ways can a paperless applicant tracking system benefit your business?

What are the other benefits of a paperless applicant tracking system?

Save time by leveraging automaton

Simply put, you can’t automate pen and paper. 

With an ATS, you can fully embrace the power of automation to save you huge amounts of time in your hiring process. Time is money, so it’s a no brainer. And with custom workflows, the automation can be built around your recruitment team and its needs.

From automating emails, onboarding requests, right to work checks and more, we bring a whole meaning to putting your hiring on autopilot. 

Learn more about ATS automation.

Thanks to your team for making such as stress free project. The system is ridiculously user friendly and we're really pleased with the end product.
Amanda Walden
Head of People Development - McMullen's Brewery

Access candidate records quicker

With a paperless ATS you can access information far quicker than if your hiring is still centred around printing paper. In a matter of seconds, navigate between candidate information and tasks such as:

All from the ATS. Right at your fingertips. Across a single recruitment drive, save hours of lost productivity.

Reduce your reliance on office storage

Filing cabinets are bulky. Having a sorting system in place takes time. Online is easy.

Stepping away from offline storage not only lets you reduce your reliance on having the office space to store that information, but it also saves the time having to organise and maintain the sorting structure you have in place – otherwise chaos ensues.

Because chances are, your restaurant, store or office managers already have enough paperwork to sift through and organise, without adding unnecessary recruitment paperwork to the mix.

Safely secured in the cloud

The cloud isn’t just the future, it’s now. Paper copies are susceptible to being lost or being damaged, like spilling coffee or even accidental placement in the rubbish bin.

With a paperless ATS, your recruitment is secure and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, and won’t get ruined by your 10am coffee. Search, delete and recover candidate records in seconds, and save your recruitment team the headache of accidents. 

Easier GDPR management

GDPR may feel like old news, but it still applies to every aspect of your data handling. Whether it’s the way you securely store sensitive candidate information, or knowing when it’s the time to delete their data, Talent Funnel’s ATS takes care of all the crucial aspects of GDPR. 

Currently using a paper-based hiring system and a candidate asks to exercise their Right to be Forgotten? Whether they’re in your pipeline or candidate pool, if you’ve got a hospitality team to manage, that’s time lost having to step away from your day job and ensure you can find and remove all traces of their sensitive information from your records.

Whether it’s a quick name search and one-click deletion of all candidate data, or automatic deletion periods, a paperless hiring system lets you rest easy knowing you’re GDPR compliant and nothing is going to slow you down.

Quicker access for all users

Multiple locations across the UK? Or a colleague on annual leave? Talent Funnel’s ATS can be configured with collaboration in mind.

We make it easy to access the candidates, vacancies or hiring pipelines you need. See your colleagues’ interview notes, application timeline, emails and more all in the same place to keep your productivity flowing. 

Even notify your colleagues of any notes, or assign vacancies to make sure nothing goes unchecked.

So location or absences don’t become roadblocks.  

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