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Polaris Elements - Payroll

Seamlessly transfer data into your Payroll to onboard new hires.

Polaris saves you time and errors from manual data entry

Cut your workload in half

Save the hassle of duplicating data with a smart integration with Polaris payroll and save time onboarding new hires. Once you start, you’ll never look back.

Payroll data is already in the ATS, so why are you duplicating data and doubling your workload?

Polaris Integration features

Create automated workflows to request information from candidates, then have payroll data sent to Polaris automatically. Cut out the middleman and focus on the rest of your to-do list.

With a Polaris integration, you can be confident you’re using best in class software to seamlessly onboard new hires. Because sometimes, an all in one system just isn’t enough.

Need to transfer Right-to-Work documents? Sometimes you need more than just information.

Transfer e-documents with just a click, and get all the tools you actually need to onboard new hires.

Give your recruitment team one less thing to worry about, and remove the need to store sensitive candidate data locally.

How can a Talent Funnel and Polaris integration improve your recruitment?

Polaris Elements – Software that sits at the heart of hospitality

Polaris is a trusted partner to many and love working as an extension of customers’ and integration partners’ teams to help them achieve their business goals and ambitions.

Polaris’ service is personal and dedicated, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to developments and integrations to suit the needs of our customers – we only partner with the best in the hospitality sector.

Polaris software:

Polaris Data is a powerful tool, designed with hospitality at its heart, putting the data you need right at your fingertips intuitively, reliably and easily gives you complete control over managing your people and your processes.

  • Cash management
  • Workforce management
  • Labour deployment
  • Employee app
  • Internal messaging

With our ePoS and mPoS software, you can manage your customers’ needs in an intuitive, reliable and easy way.

  • Fully customisable interface by site incorporating, integrated payment solutions, promotions and item availability
  • Polaris add-ons –  such as stock management, reservations and loyalty software
  • Central control – enterprise management system with multi-site functionality
  • Partner Integrations – We only partner with the best software hospitality companies

Designed to eliminate duplication of back office tasks and streamline processes


  • Stocktaking
  • Procurement
  • Menu Management – including recipes, allergin and nutrition

Take the terminal to the customer – mPoS meets contactless payments

  • Fully integrated and replicates our ePoS screens
  • Seamless transactions at the customer’s table and orders go directly to be processed
  • Decreases fraud for both customers and businesses

Deliver outstanding customer service and spend, with our order and pay at table solution

  • Easy to set up and amend the menu
  • App free
  • Brand customisation

Fully outsourced payroll bureau specialising in the hospitality sector 

Services include;

  • HMRC
  • Accredited BACs bureau
  • Pension specialists
  • Employee portal

Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?

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Ready to recruit with less time wasting admin tasks?