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S4Labour - Payroll & HRIS

Effortlessly onboard and welcome new hires into your business.

Save time with a smart integration with quick and easy data transfer

Empower your recruitment team

With Talent Funnel’s S4Labour integration, we give your recruitment team the power to focus on being decision makers, not administrators. 

Simplified, yet powerful data transfers and requests creates an integration which removes any unnecessary work from your processing. 

Whether it be removing the need to manually input data, searching and duplicating candidate data you already have in the ATS or turning your processing from minutes to seconds, smart integrations save you and your team precious time.  

Two best in class softwares, brought together to feel like one.

Talent Funnel & S4Labour Integration features

Save time and speed up the candidate journey with automated triggers in the ATS to request candidate information by simply progressing candidates to the next stage with a quick and easy drag & drop.

Lost time chasing unresponsive candidates can be costly.

Set up automated emails to chase candidates yet to complete onboarding forms and once completed, transfer straight from the ATS into S4Labour.

No need to input job specific information like job title, salary and locations into your payroll – the ATS stores all necessary job information in a candidate’s account ready to be sent across to S4Labour. Saving you one small step, which turns into valuable time gained back.

Give yourself and your team one less thing to worry about.

With Talent Funnel x S4Labour, we provide a secure and GDPR compliant way to send and secure sensitive candidate data.

About S4Labour

S4labour tools enable providers to grow their sales through empowered labour deployment, maximising revenue opportunities and planning more productive shifts. All while saving time through more concise processes and intuitive interfaces, on S4labour’s single platform.S4labour is designed and built by a team of highly experienced operators with decades of experience running and managing some of the U.K’s best brands.

Have all the tools and insights you need to forecast your sales accurately, set a budget and ensure that budget is hit.

A simple interface makes it easy to visualise when too many people are on the rota, so you can plan your team’s hours around maximising sales impact.

By allocating each member of the team to areas, assigning responsibilities and setting tasks for slack periods you can set every shift up for success. 

Communicate information to teams before the shift starts, allowing team leaders to run a shift consistently and team members to constantly be adding value.

All the insights and tools you need to stay compliant and engage your teams to be their best.

Focus your time on areas where you can add the most value, with clear line of sight of your strongest and weakest areas of compliance and engagement.

Combine your sales forecast with your hour by hour sales patterns and trends to avoid periods of stress and enhance service. Visualise where stress is most prevalent and implement strategies to grow.

Gamify productivity to push sites forward by giving your teams the tools and visibility to enhance sales.

S4Labour tools

  • Rotas
  • Deployment
  • Team App
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Productivity
  • People Leadership


S4labour has reduced the time Oowee Spends on Labour Significantly’ – Lina Blythe, Oowee Ops Director

S4labour has played an important role in that in terms of the functional and hygienic management of our teams, and making sure people are in the right place at the right time, get paid at the right time and holidays accrued in the right way.” – Brian Hannon, Super 8 Owner