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SAP - Payroll & HRIS

Get the data you need to welcome employees, and get them ready for day one.

Gain back valuable time in your candidate onboarding

Simplify your recruitment process

Talent Funnel’s SAP payroll integration lets you streamline your onboarding process to give you back more time in your recruitment.

We create the perfect handover from talent acquisition to onboarding, giving you the ability to create an efficient way to get candidate information from the ATS to SAP. 

From sensitive candidate data such as DoB, address and bank details, to job data like job title, location and salary – remove the need for timely data entry and save time by simply transferring the data you already have.

We’ve developed a seamless integration that lets you use two best in class softwares, allowing you to create a workflow that feels like one-complete system.

SAP Integration features

Utilise the ATS’s automation features to collect candidate onboarding information, automatically collecting information when they’re moved to the next stage.

We take care of the admin work in the background, letting you focus on the important tasks. Making hiring decisions.

With branded flexi-forms and email templates in the ATS used to collect onboarding information, maintain the familiarity candidates have become used to in the recruitment process.

No need to input job specific information like job title, salary and locations into your payroll – the ATS stores all necessary job information in a candidate’s account ready to be sent across to SAP. Saving you one small step, which turns into valuable time gained back.

Remain confident with your data storage and handling with a secure integration with GDPR and data protection at the forefront of everything we do.