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A better way to connect with your candidates and new hires.


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Less guesswork for your candidates

Give clearer guidance for next steps, from reference requests, Right-to-Work documents, personality tests and more

Quicker to action incomplete tasks

Encourage a quicker time to complete tasks by letting candidates see all next steps at a glance, all in one place

Seamless link with your Talent Funnel account

Talent Hub is built to be simple. All existing automations, emails and funnels link with Talent Hub, requiring no extra work from you

How does Talent Hub work?


Candidates apply for a job on your Careers Site.

Magic link sent to the candidates

Password-free magic link is sent to candidates to login into their Talent Hub account.

Candidates can see all tasks in one place

Candidates get a clear view of outstanding tasks - when requested and if urgent.

More tasks completed and quicker to action

Candidates can complete all tasks at once, reducing drop off rates and time waiting for tasks to be completed.

Reduced friction

No need to create passwords for accounts, candidates only need to sign in with a magic link. It’s all in the name.

Squash application anxiety

Offer deeper insights into your application process with context pages as part of enhanced Talent Hub.

Give your candidate the confidence to make a greater impact at interviews by addressing anxiety around interviews.

Increase engagement and keep everyone in the loop, helping to keep more top talent and saving you time chasing unresponsive candidates.

Remove any guesswork about the welcome process and get new hires excited about the journey they’re about to embark on.

We all prefer tracked deliveries, so give your candidates and new hire the love they deserve and keep them in the loop.


Your words. Your personality. Never share the spotlight

Create media-rich content pages you’ll be proud to share.

Fully brand your Talent Hub with everything you need to convey your messaging.
Whether it’s images, videos or GIFs, fully immerse candidates into your brand and make them feel like they’re already part of the family.
Candidates won’t ever know they’re on our platform, it’s truly all about your brand.

What our customers are saying

Avoid clunky onboarding

Don’t let other suppliers derail the top experience you’re chasing.

We’ve fully developed a solution native to our platform, designed to feel fully streamlined for you and your candidates.

Talent Hub vs. Enhanced features


Talent Hub


Customised candidate journey
Fully branded
Custom welcome message
No password required
No third-parties required
Media rich content pages
Send custom pages based on funnel stages
Post-hire welcome experience

Ready to see how Talent Hub can increase your candidate's engagement?

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Ready to see how Talent Hub can increase your candidate's engagement?