Ubeya - Onboarding and Workforce Management

Ubeya - Onboarding and Workforce Management

Effortlessly onboard and welcome new hires into your business.

Smoothly get your new hires ready for day one

Save time and provide a top-class onboarding process

At Talent Funnel, we’ve created an integration with Ubeya to make onboarding your new hires feel as relaxing as their first day.

Workforce management doesn’t need to be more any more complex than it already is, so that’s why we’ve focused on giving you one less thing to worry about with our straightforward integration. Transfer data between Talent Funnel’s ATS and Ubeya, and get the accurate candidate information you need at your finger tips in seconds. 

Data entry can be a time killer. So we save you time on such laborious tasks, letting you focus on maximising your productivity.

Ubeya Integration features

We help you create an automated workflow, so once you progress a candidate to the hired stage we can automatically send candidate information to Ubeya.

Talent Funnel’s ATS saves time for both your recruitment team and candidates.

Our intuitive data transfer means there’s no extra work needed to progress candidate to the next stage. No forms. No emails. Just one simplified process.

Forget about any of your GDPR worries with secure data storage and transfer.