Unlocking SEO Success: Insights from Talent Funnel Customers

Balancing short-term priorities and long-term objectives is a key challenge for talent professionals.

While job boards like Indeed form part of the hiring strategy, rising advertising costs and competition for quality candidates are leading talent managers to pursue other options to attract applicants.

With over 70% of job searches starting on Google – the opportunity to put your brand in front of new candidates is huge, however, without the right partner for growth, a SEO strategy can’t begin to take shape.


We highlight how talent acquisition professionals are using Talent Funnel to create long-term SEO value.

First things, what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your career site / website and job adverts in search engine page results. The more “optimised” your site is, the higher your ranking, which means more organic (non-paid) and higher quality site traffic and conversions.

Four key elements for SEO success optimised on Talent Funnel



Talent Funnel optimises your job adverts to improve visibility.


We ensure your career site is engaging and optimised for technical aspects like page load speed, site structure, and metadata, enhancing user experience and search engine visibility, particularly on mobile devices, for the best brand impression.


We provide our customers with a no-code career site editor and guidance on how to showcase your company culture and values through engaging content, such as venue and role pages, and company information and culture content.



Track key metrics such as organic traffic and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

How Talent Funnel customers are benefiting from implementing a SEO strategy

Focusing on relevance and intent

Relevancy and “search intent” is a key aspect of the hiring journey – the more focused the search, the more relevant the results. Brands focusing on this strategy increase both volume and quality of applicants. 

Constellation (part of the Compass Group) implemented a long-term vision in 2022 to achieve over 25% of hires from organic search. Today, over 30% of hires made are from non-paid traffic owing to the creation of geo-specific and niche hiring pages on Talent Funnel.

Focusing on enhanced content

Job boards provide no insight into what it’s like to work at your company or why job seekers should consider it. Developing engaging employer brand content, such as videos and blogs, to showcase your company culture and values improves your brand presence and visibility in search engine page results

Arc Hospitality prioritises optimising their Careers Site and job ads on Talent Funnel. Their emphasis on employer branding enables Arc to rank higher in organic search results – delivering a 28% uplift in organic hires.

“Showcasing our employer brand enables us to make a strong first impression with candidates. We took a view to invest in a career site to help us grow our organic web visibility and diversify our candidate attraction methods. In the last 6 months we’ve seen a 28% uplift in hires made organically from our careers site. This means we can reinvest our paid budget to diversify our channel spend and double-down on high-performing sources.” – Arc Hospitality

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