How Talent Funnel enables Lantana to hire with ease in the flow of work


Lantana brings Australia’s café culture to London with cafes in five locations including Fitzrovia, London Bridge, and Shoreditch. We spoke with Steph Gray, Head of People at Lantana, to discover how Talent Funnel streamlines Lantana’s hiring process, saving valuable time for managers.

Lantana's Challenge

For a fast-paced business, it’s essential to minimise hiring admin, particularly when hiring across three sites. Lantana’s people team wanted improved visibility into the hiring pipeline and to reduce the amount of admin hiring managers had to perform.

Lantana's Goals

  • Enhance hiring efficiency across three sites – specifically; automation of hiring process, communication and reporting.
  • Tailor and customise the hiring process, from targeted job board advertising to personalised communication.
  • Cut onboarding time and boost data accuracy by integrating with their workforce management platform.

The Solution

To meet Lantana’s hiring needs, we recommended a mobile-first approach, enabling easy hiring around daily tasks. We activated “one-click apply” with top job boards and integrated Talent Funnel with their workforce management platform.

The Results

Attract top talent easily

“It’s so handy being able to publish a job and within an hour we can hire someone. We’re able to get quality candidates in quick time” – Steph Gray, Head of People

Hire in the flow of work

“With Talent Funnel we can fit recruitment into our day rather than having to sit down and work for hours at a time” – Steph Gray, Head of People

Mobile-first hiring experience

“The mobile experience makes running our business seamless and quick.” – Steph Gray, Head of People

Efficient onboarding: saving admin time

“We press a button and the candidate’s data is transferred – it’s magic” – Steph Gray, Head of People

Create the best hiring experience

“Candidates are also customers, and with Talent Funnel, we can engage with them promptly, boosting our credibility. Configuring the system to send customised emails at every application stage, from rejection to offer, is fantastic.” – Steph Gray, Head of People

Optimised Hiring Solution at Every Stage

Simple to use, intuitive at every stage

Talent Funnel is super simple to customise and automate your hiring process, so you can focus on delivering a great service.

Account setup

"Hiring managers find it incredibly useful to personalise the application process and edit workflows. This enables them to ensure the right information reaches candidates promptly, facilitating a faster hiring process”

“We have other support teams and they think they’re fast, but we have Talent Funnel who are so speedy”


“Integrations with job platforms helps us to easily fill vacancies “one-click apply” has been really useful”

“It’s so handy being able to publish a job and within an hour we can hire someone. We’re able to get quality candidates in a quick time”


"If I spot a candidate I like while scrolling, I can simply click on a number and make a call. Previously, the time spent typing in numbers really added up."

"The web app ensures all CVs are formatted, preventing any readability issues."


“Talent Funnel allows us to complete phone screening so quickly and efficiently that we can spend our time interviewing the best candidates”

“Being able to see where people have come from is really important when deciding where we spend our money in advertising”


"The integration helps our team in achieving accuracy and efficiency, enabling us to prepare for a successful first day and ensure a smooth start. We save considerable time onboarding each new hire. Moreover, the integration guarantees we have all the correct details to pay employees.”

Spend more time growing the business

“Talent Funnel allows us not to be consumed by recruitment. We can continue to grow and run the business as usual because hiring fits into our lives and isn’t a pain point” – Steph Gray, Head of People

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