Picture of Vacancy Poster - Job Board

Vacancy Poster - Job Board

Reach more candidates for your job vacancies.

Post to 1,000+ job boards in seconds

Save time posting to job boards

Talent Funnel’s integration with Vacancy Poster is a true game changer in the way you reach candidates.

Access over 1,000 job boards, all from within the ATS. From popular job boards such as TotalJobs and Reed, to more niche boards like Caterer, quickly and easily access candidates in the numerous channels they use and upgrade the way you fill you vacancies.

The time saved across your recruitment team being able to one-click upload to your favourite job board. Huge. Now image the time saved and uplift in visibility being able to post to more job boards in less than 10 seconds. Impressive.

Vacancy Poster Integration features

With one-click uploading to job boards, the time saved from traditional job posting is huge. 

We don’t just think you’ll love it, we know you will.

Our integration isn’t just limited to the posting of new jobs.

Need to give an expiring job a final push? Turn job boards on or off for individual jobs, at your command.

With over 1,000 job boards, whether you reach a high volume or a small target group of candidates, our Talent Funnel x Vacancy Poster integration makes it easy to keep hiring the way you love to.

Testing the waters with a new job board? Once you get the initial sign up out the way, there’s no need to deal with clunky job board interfaces.

Post the job on the ATS, and in a few clicks your job is live.

Track the performance of job boards you post any job to and uncover your ROI. 

Source of applications? Sorted.

Top channel for hires? We’ve got you covered.