A Ubeya and Talent Funnel integration creates a unified sequence and passage between talent acquisition, candidate onboarding and management, as the two pieces of software seamlessly transfer data to workforce management from an applicant tracking system.

Using both solutions provided by Ubeya and Talent Funnel can provide added value in several ways.

First, Ubeya provides a worker management platform that helps companies to increase business productivity and efficiency, improve team collaboration, worker retention and engagement.

The platform includes solutions such as automations and AI to replace repetitive operational work, advanced scheduling and timesheets, team communication and elaborated reports.

On the other hand, Talent Funnel’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides a comprehensive and time saving recruitment solution that helps companies attract, process and onboard top talent. By combining Ubeya’s worker management platform with Talent Funnel’s ATS, companies can have a more efficient process to attract and retain top talent while also having a tool to improve collaboration, productivity and performance tracking in their teams.

Second, Ubeya’s platform emphasizes the importance of matching the right worker to the right job and creating a culture that fosters growth and learning. Talent Funnel’s ATS can also focus on identifying individuals who align with the company’s values and culture, this way when both solutions are integrated, companies can create a cohesive and aligned workforce that is not only skilled but also motivated to contribute to the company’s success.

The process of using both Ubeya and Talent Funnel solutions can be broken down into several steps.

Using Talent Funnel’s solution, recruiters can save time in candidate attraction and processing by leveraging automations and intelligent triggers to create a seamless and efficient recruitment process.

At this stage, Ubeya’s solution can be integrated to manage and track the performance of the new workers, and to improve productivity and retention. This way, companies can have a more efficient process to monitor their worker’s performance and align their goals with the company’s objectives.

In summary, using both Ubeya and Talent Funnel solutions can provide added value by providing a comprehensive approach to team management and recruitment, resulting in a more efficient and effective recruitment process, a more cohesive and aligned workforce, and ultimately leading to the overall success of the company.